DIY Plushie

Hello everyone, this post isn’t garden related as a major frost hit our area, and lets just say that my number of vegetabe seedlings is now 0. I still have tomatos thriving and will do an update on them soon, also growing is carrots in pots, a bunch of radish, beetroots and corn in pots.

Today I’m sharing my new found love for stitched plushies, they are a toy/pillow/decor item that I have hand stitched.

I found this avenue through a sew you own pillow kit I found reduced at the reject shop (Australian version of the dollar store) and within a day both my toddlers had a new pillow pet to sleep with.

What I found though was that I liked the idea of designing my own pillow/plushie and set out to buy some fabric and stuffing.

The first plushie I made is a special little one, perfect for both male and female and hidden inside is a pouch with the essential oil “sound sleep” by Oil Garden  Aromatherapy. This means with this little one it can be decor and scent the room and help aid in relaxation. If used as a cuddle toy can aid in sleeping which is perfect for adults and children alike.

2018-07-27 13.15.15.jpg

2018-07-27 13.15.36

2018-07-27 13.16.03

2018-07-27 13.17.17

The second plushie/pillow I created is called Little Lion Man Mendela. With the face of a little man, and the mendela effect making it look like a lion mane.

2018-07-27 22.22.222018-07-27 22.23.052018-07-27 22.23.472018-07-27 22.24.11

If you liked the look of these plushies they are available in my esty store, I make then induvidualy so stay tuned to my store where it will be regularly updated with new plushies/pillows.

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Is Juicing Still Popular?

Is juicing still a thing? I remember it being very popular several years ago with everyone having their green juice and diet fads.

Well in our house it has just begun, and for once it wasnt my idea. So thanks to a trip to my parents and a lovely roast dinner, we were forced to drink a green concoction my mum has started having once a day to help with many health issues she is suffering. To be honest it wasnt to bad. Hubby liked it enough that first thing this morning he was straight onto a buy swap and sell site to find a juicer for us, and bingo! We got a once used, 6 month old, $250 rrp juicer for only $80

So straight after picking up the juicer we headed to our favorite discount fruit and vegetable shop. The whole trolly was loaded to the top with various fruit, vegetables and about 5kg of meat. (With some sneaky chocolate thrown in) it was an absolute bargain at just under $75 for a full trollys worth of fruit and veg. If we had done this shop in the large supermarket it would have been around  $200 for everything we got.


So once home and the kids finally having a late and well needed nap we got to work on making our own concoction, and all I have to say is it was bloody yummy! (With a little to much ginger)

We added:

3 green apples

4 carrots

4 oranges

1 grapefruit

Large chunk of ginger (it was to much and next time will add half the amount)

It was so refreashing to drink and filling as well. With all the citrus flavours and the apple helped to balance it all out.


The next juice we made was what my mum forced us to drink, its also the juice from the movie FAT SICK AND NEARLY DEAD. (Highly recommended)

2018-07-08 18.15.26.png

The last juice we made this afternoon was for the kids (it was my favourite) the kids absolutly smashed it and the best part was it was not full of sugar like regular juice.

2 thick sliced of a quarter cut watermelon

8 very large strawberries

2 large green apples

And 2 large sneaky carrots

So if you have a favourite juice recipie comment below so I can try it out. So far we will be having 1 juice a day each, not going for a juice fast or anything extream just yet.


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Garden Of BeLEAF – Time To Say Goodbye!

So the time has come. Time for me to say goodbye to almost half of my seedlings, I have raised them all from seeds. Through hot dry days and freezing cold nights. Days of no sunshine and attacks from my 2 toddlers. But the time has come to pass them on to their new forever home.


My mum has a vegetabe garden, she set it up in the summer at the side of her house where there was sunshine almost all day long. Come winter and no sun hits this spot at all, so all of her vegetables have passed on to becone compost. She also usually buys her seedlings from our local hardware store, which means they are almost always deasised ridden and die within a few weeks.

But this weekend she has moved her large raised garden beds to a position that recieves sun all seasons, so to help her out I am giving here a variety of my seedlings, all germinated and raised by me. Me being someone who had never had a greenthumb in her 22 years of life. So it is a proud moment for myself. I feel accomplished and my mum will reap the rewards.

So this morning I gave my seedlings one last water, before packing them up ready to go on a roadtrip (40 mins) to my mums house.


In the mix is:

3 cucumbers

6 broccoli (2 varieties)

2 white onions

2 yellow beans

4 cauliflower

I am also going to give her 2 of my tubs of mixed lettuce

And 2-3 black cherry tomatos


I am feeling both proud and sad to be sharing my growing achievement, as I am losing almost half of my yeild. But with several more vegetables currently germinating my numbers will pick back up again very soon, and hopefully with enough to share around again.


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Garden Of BeLEAF – Greenhouse Update + More Big Pots

Today I am doing an almost full update on my veranda/container garden, we will see whats currently in my small greenhouse, what has been upgraded to big pots and how the big potted veggies are doing.


So starting with the small greenhouse. I have had an ongoing battle as the plastic next to the zip has split open, I have tried to fix it with duct tape but it was a fail. This means all my seedlings that are on the bottom and middle shelf are drying out really fast due to airflow. I have lost a fair few seedlings over the past 2 weeks due to this. But most seedlings are doing well with light watering twice a day to prevent drying  out.

So in the greenhouse I currently have;

2 x variety of broccoli total of 15


2x Basil


15 x White onions


10x cauliflower


And lastly 5 x cucumbers


Next I will update on new big potted vegetables. I have potted up the last 3 of my sweetcorn. And new have my 5 tomato seedlings growing in smaller big pots (Im out of the final big pots for these tomatos so they will be replanted again later)


Lastly an update on the vegetables that have been in their big pots for a while now.

First is the radish, 3 of which I can see the red tops of so harvest should start very soon, it feels like these heads have poped up overnight.


Next is my carrots, the first container of 5 carrots are doing well, growing slowly. The next pot is the one where I grew impatient and planted my germinating seedlings on toilet paper straight into the pot, not expecting anything to grow, I was very suprised this morning to see so many poke through the surface of soil.


Lastly is my baby project of beetroot, these are doing very well and slowly growing as well, looking stronger than before.


And an update on my 3 large tomato plants, we have our first tomato!!! The roque de marmende has its first little baby tomato growing which is a great relief as I thought the flowers had not pollinated. But I have since read that there is cross pollination if they are planted together so I guess I will have to wait and see.


So my veranda is quickly running out of room and I am currently looking at a shelving system I can DIY so I can have more room and more vegetabes growing.

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Garden Of BeLEAF – Lettuce In!

Knock knock!

Whos there?


Lettuce who?

Lettuce in and you’ll find out!

Ok so enough bad jokes from me, but can you guess todays blog theme? thats right… Lettuce!


So about a month ago we bought 2 trays of mixed lettuce seedlings from our local farmers market, there were 10 in each tray and cost $5 each which was a great price. Considering bags of mixed salad in store is over $5.

2018-07-01 07.48.39

I didnt pot up the lettuce untill a week after buying them as I didnt have any pots yet, so we had 2 casualties which left us with 18 lettuces while they stayed in the greenhouse. Which would get to hot and the lettuce would wilt.


Now a month later and several salads later the lettuce is thriving. I wish I had bought one more pot to spread  them out a bit more but they are holding up well.  They now live on our stairs leading up to our veranda garden because here they recieve moderate sun but not enough to wilt them. Its also good on rainy days where I dont have to make a million trips with my 2L watering can to fill up in our bathroom and water the plants.


As it stands right now I make an average of 3-4 trips to the bathroom to have enough water for all my vegetables.

So if you liked this update  dont forget to follow me to keep up to date, and if you haven’t already read my previous garden updates. Comment below what is your favourite way to grow lettuce?

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Garden Of BeLEAF – In Their Big Pots!

So update time on my veranda/container garden here in Australia in winter.

Most of the vegetables I am growing and germinating are ment for warmer months, spring mostly, but as people know Australia is hot as hell, if we get below 21 degrees celcius (69 F) we complain that its to bloody cold. But even with the cold there is still the humidity known throughout all of QLD.

Never the less, I have given my seedlings a fighting chance and have been using a greenhouse to help them out. Some have absolutely thrived and are now in their big pots waiting to grow big enough to be harvested.

We rent where we live so putting a raised bed in not an option as it will kill the grass. I even asked the owners about garden beds on legs so it is off the ground but sadly still a no, this is why I have decided on containers. It is also helpfull that our varenda recieves the most sun during the day during winter so it is working out well.

So today I am going to share which veggies have been upgraded to big pots.


First we have the Radish, I have never eaten radish before and of course never grow it (I have never grown any vegetables) but the 4-6 weeks harvest time from seeds sold it for me. I am renound for being impatient with almost everything so growing vegetables has really challeged me to learn patience. So from seed germination to right now in the posts have been just over 3 weeks, I am still expecting another 2-3 weeks before I am able to harvest because it is winter and it is no longer in the greenhouse.


Next up is rainbow carrots, these have been growing for around 4 weeks now from germination, they were smaller than I originally planned to pot them up, but I ran out of room in my greenhouse so into pots they went, the empty looking container beside the carrots is also carrots, but this one my impatience came into play and I put the first sproutings of germination that was growing on toilet paper into the pot. So im hoping I will at least get something out of this pot, but wont be to disappointed if I dont.


Next up is my beetroot, these seeds I didnt germinate and just sprinkled them over my soil, adding another thin layer on top, this is because the packet said plant seeds in final position and I wanted to act like I at least knew what I was doing (I didnt) but hey a fair few have started to grow, so this is my baby project, to make sure I can get at least a few beetroot to roast up with our sunday roast soon.


And the newest addition to the big pots is 3 of my very understanding corn (read my first blog about my garden if you dont understand) Garden Of BeLEAF – My New Chapter

These were potted up today and I am hoping that 3 wont be to cramped in one pot (youtube told me it was fine) but I guess I will wait and see.


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